Putin did not see the loss of dynamics in the negotiations “Turkish stream”

Putin did not see the loss of dynamics in the negotiations “Turkish stream”

Moscow. November 13. Moscow hopes that the new Turkish government will be able to quickly agree on the key points of the intergovernmental agreement on construction of gas pipeline “Turkish stream”.

“I cannot agree with your opinion that “Turkish stream” loses momentum”, – Putin said in an interview to agencies “Interfax” and “Anadolu”.

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According to Putin, such a large-scale project is impossible to work out and agree on overnight, because it is about the many legal, technological, and organizational issues, including the number of threads of the pipeline.

“The better we work, the faster, with less risk and the cost of resources will achieve our goals, to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of Russian gas directly to Turkish consumers,” Putin said, adding that this project fully corresponds to the interests of Moscow and Ankara.

He also noted that the pace of the negotiation process was influenced by the political situation before the elections in Turkey, but the Russian side were sympathetic to it.

Putin believes that “Turkish stream” would allow Russian gas to come to the Turkish-Greek border, actually on the border of the EU, where it could buy European consumers. “But countries that refused to participate in the construction of a new energomarket, it remains to calculate lost profits”, – he said.

The Russian President confirmed that Moscow intends to be a strategic and reliable supplier of energy resources to Turkey and Europe.