Putin is counting on the adoption of the “twenty” document on the problems of terrorism and refugees

MOSCOW, November 13. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin counts on constructive discussion of the problem of terrorism and refugees at the G20 summit in Turkey, which will be supported by the outcome document. He said this in an interview with news agencies “Interfax” and “Anadolu”.

“I am confident that the forthcoming discussions will contribute to the practical solution of these issues and will be supported by a balanced final document which will reflect our common approaches to the fight against terrorism and the crisis with the refugees,” he said.

Putin noted that the proposal by the Turkish chairmanship at the summit will discuss the topic of combating terrorism and the refugee situation. “In our view, the relationship between these issues and the agenda of the summit – the most that neither is direct, because sustainable development, economic growth, expansion of world trade, attracting investments, addressing issues of employment largely depend on how well the world community will cope with the acute challenge of our time – terrorism and spawned the arisen chaos and violence the problem of refugees, hundreds of thousands of whom are already in Europe and other countries, trying to save his life and the lives of their loved ones; while others on the approach,” he said.

As told the Russian leader’s aide Yuri Ushakov, the discussion of the problem of terrorism and the refugee crisis scheduled to take place during a working dinner of leaders of “twenty” on the first day of the summit, 15 November. “They will exchange views on the threats posed by terrorist organizations, primarily from the “Islamic state” (is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group – ed.). Will discuss possible ways of cooperation in the fight against the spread of terrorism and extremism in the middle East and North Africa”, – said the representative of the Kremlin. With regard to the topic of refugees, it will be primarily about migration from the regions covered by the fighting, said Ushakov.

Prospects of creation of the closed integration associations

Vladimir Putin also expects the summit to discuss the problem of creating a closed integration associations like the TRANS-Pacific partnership and the Transatlantic trade and investment partnership.

“Will exchange opinions on prospects regarding creation of closed integration associations in the Asia-Pacific and the Atlantic”, he said. “I hope that in Antalya we will be able to discuss the future of world trade and the existing mechanisms of multilateral trade and economic cooperation”, – added the head of state.

“It is of concern that the process of their formation is opaque to business and the public of both the participating countries and their economic partners,” – said Putin. “In our common interest to ensure that these organizations really complement the multilateral trading system, working on the development of all economies in the world, and not create new barriers and risks,” he said.

In the agreements on the TRANS-Pacific partnership of 12 countries involved – Australia, Brunei, Vietnam, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Peru, Chile, Japan.

The transatlantic trade and investment partnership – a proposed agreement between the EU and the USA.