Russia will not impose further restrictions on the importation of fish

Moscow. November 13. Russia has no plans to impose additional prohibitions on the importation of fish, except those that already operate under a food embargo.

“No restrictions, no plans, no restrictions on the import of fish raw material, except those that were introduced as part of a retaliatory counter-sanctions, of course, is not planned”, – said the head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov on the air of “Russia 24” on Friday.

According to him, the main suppliers of fish in Russia at the present time are China, Chile, Vietnam, Faroe Islands, Turkey.

Speaking about working with companies controlled by foreign capital and working without the permission of the governmental Commission on foreign investments, Shestakov said that this is the problem the Agency has been doing for a year and a half.

“Unfortunately, in the fishing industry a lot of companies that are either de facto or de jure under the control of foreigners, of Korean companies, companies from Hong Kong, he said. – This is a fairly large players in the global markets, and they are often using very complex financial schemes, schemes of guarantees of personal control, according to our estimates, up to 20% of businesses in the fishing sector”.

According to him, it is detrimental to national security. “For such companies, the main export of the raw fish, they are not aimed at creating added value,” he said.

Shestakov said that the government adopted a resolution that prohibits such companies to issue permits for fishing. Now developed an Ordinance that will make it possible to take these companies share quota.

“At the same time nobody forbids foreign investors to come to the fishing industry, but in accordance with the Russian legislation”, – said the head of Rosrybolovstvo.