Russian MFA: US and Saudi Arabia gave Moscow a list of the Syrian opposition

VIENNA, 13 November. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia gave the Russian Federation the list of the Syrian opposition. This was stated by special representative of the Russian President for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

The diplomat noted that the USA transferred to the Russian side the list of opposition members of ATS who could participate in negotiations with the government of the order of 10-20 names.

“Yeah, about that order of figures, he said, answering the question. – The lists submitted also Saudi Arabia, they partly coincide with the Russian”.

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According to the diplomat, the main leaders of the opposition are well known to all foreign players, many of them in these lists included. “Including those members of the opposition, which are located in Istanbul /Istanbul is the headquarters of the National coalition opposition and revolutionary forces of Syria – ed./”.

While Bogdanov pointed out that we are talking about politicians, not the combatants on the ground.

“One of the goals of the meeting tomorrow is to harmonize the list of the opposition’s delegation to participate in further negotiations with the government,” he recalled.

Bogdanov also said that Russia still there is no information about the meeting of the working group on Syria in Vienna.

“These groups met yesterday,’ he said. – We don’t know what they were doing, we didn’t participate”.

Meetings of the working group on Syria, convened at the initiative of the USA, took place in Vienna on 12 and 13 November. Thus, as previously reported, the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the Russian depodesta learned about this email from the US Embassy in Moscow. “For us, this initiative was a surprise, none of us having not discussed”, – she said.

Transferred to the United States and Saudi Arabia a list of the opposition partly coincide with the Russian, the basic shapes is known, also said Bogdanov.

The Deputy foreign Minister arrived in Vienna to participate in the meeting on the settlement in Syria on October 14.


The Russian military launched operation against the militants “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (organization banned in Russia) in Syria on 30 September, at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In the air group included more than 50 aircraft, including the su-34 and su-24M, su-25, su-30CM, Mi-8 and Mi-24. Also in operation in early October, were engaged by ships of the Navy of the Russian Federation, which struck at targets of terrorists cruise missiles of sea basing “the Caliber of NC” from the Caspian sea. Since the beginning of military actions of the Russian pilots destroyed more than 2 thousand objects of the militants. To participate in a ground operation, Russia does not intend.