Spring: NAC and the Russian law enforcement bodies strengthen security measures

MOSCOW, November 14. The head of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya believes that the national anti-terrorist Committee (NAC) and all the Russian law enforcement bodies to analyze the circumstances under which occurred the terrorist attacks in Paris, and intensify security measures.

“I am sure that the national terrorist Committee of the Russian Federation and all law enforcement agencies not only analyze the situation but also act to strengthen security measures”, – said Yarovaya November 14 journalists.

The objective of all parliamentarians, in her opinion, – “to act responsibly, in the logic of unity and mutual support with the citizens of Russia”.

Spring called the terrorist attacks in Paris a total tragedy for all peoples, and “merciless blow at the heart of France”. The MP stressed that the goal of terrorists – to sow fear and panic. “Terrorism is the greatest global threat to all countries, therefore, the necessary immediate decisions and coordinated action in the fight against terrorism,” – said Yarovaya.

“To resist and fight the world together can only, on the basis of those universal solutions, which developed the UN and the Security Council”, – concluded the Deputy.

A series of terrorist attacks occurred in Paris on Friday night. According to the Paris Prosecutor’s office, the attacks killed about 120 people. French President Francois Hollande announced the introduction in the country of state of emergency and closing state borders.