The aviation authorities have notified airlines about the need to strengthen control over security measures

MOSCOW, November 14. Rosaviatsia on the background of the terrorist attacks in Paris have notified airlines about the need to strengthen control of observance of security measures, said the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

“Rosaviatsia has already sent the company a corresponding telegram on the need to strengthen control over the observance of safety measures not only in the company itself, but also on the transport infrastructure, where the aircraft arrives and passengers, in the airports,” he said on air of TV channel “Russia 24”.

The terrorist attacks in France

A series of terrorist attacks occurred on Friday evening in Paris and the Metropolitan suburb of Saint-Denis at the Stade de France, which hosted the football match between France and Germany. According to recent reports, the attack made eight terrorists, seven of whom blew themselves up using a belt with explosives. Another was killed by police. In connection with the incident, President Francois Hollande announced the introduction in the country of state of emergency and the introduction of intensified control of crossing the state borders. He later stated that the responsibility for the attack bears the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

According to the latest data, the victims of the tragedy were about 130 people. Another 250 people were wounded, 99 of them are in critical condition.

Chronicle of terrorist attacks in France: victims, safety measures and the reaction of politicians