The participant of storm of school in Beslan has linked the attacks in Paris with uncontrolled migration

MOSCOW, November 14. The Chairman of state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption, former Deputy head of the combat Department of the “Alfa” special forces center of FSB Oleg Denisenko connects the incident in Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris with uncontrolled migration from the Middle East and suggests that they were preceded by long preparation.

“It seems to me that everything related to large displacement of people from conflict zones when there is no possibility to qualitatively verify as to their intentions, this is one of the reasons”, – said Denisenko November 14. In his words, “to carry out such attacks, time need quite a lot”.

Denisenko suggested that one of the goals of the waves of migration from the Middle East was “delivery” of terrorists and their accomplices on the territory of Europe. “Were not just good intentions, to allow people to leave the conflict zone, but it was including these people were there. Certain forces and circles used the fact that people move, and under this General move, of course, there are people who engage in such (terrorist) activities”, – said the Deputy.

Assessing the response of the French security forces, the Chairman of state Duma Committee noted that “you always want to blame the security forces for what happens, for the reason that they are primarily responsible for the prevention of such events, it’s their job”. “Once it happened, then something was not done in full, to prevent this”, – he said.

The question of why, in his view, the venue of the terrorist attacks was chosen Paris, Denisenko said that, “when you want to show strength and seriousness of his ideas, always choose something expensive for the people.” “For many, Paris is the city of dreams, so even with this point he was chosen to that it has been such bloody events,” he said.

Speaking about the findings of the incident must make the Russian special services, the MP said that deputies has adopted all necessary laws, adequate funding for security services to function in full. “So the people may present claims to ensure that we did not have this,” he said. “Intelligence needs not just to draw conclusions, and very quickly to mobilize on the basis of these events,” – said Denisenko, assuring you that the “anti-terrorist activities are carried out daily and every second”. “So if you have some action, an operation that was not conducted in full, one hundred percent, then you need to hold it that way (one hundred percent)”, he concluded.

Denisenko from 1996 to 1999 he served as a senior officer of the Department of the antiterrorist centre of FSB of Russia in Khabarovsk, the Deputy head of the combat Department of the “Alfa” special forces center of FSB. Participated in conducting counter-terrorism operations in the Theater center on Dubrovka and in Beslan.

The terrorist attacks in Paris

On Friday in several districts in the Paris shooting occurred. Three explosions also occurred near the Paris stadium Stade de France. At the same time, French media reported the capture of about 100 hostages in Paris Bataclan concert hall, which at the time were an American rock group Eagles of Death Metal. The authorities took the decision to hold the assault by special forces.

Throughout France came into force a state of emergency.

Chronicle of terrorist attacks in France: victims and security measures