The permanent representative of the Russian Federation: Russia to bargain with the EU on the issue of sanctions will not be

MOSCOW, November 13. Russia to bargain with the EU on the issue of sanctions will not, it is a problem of Brussels. This was stated by Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“I’m not going to guess what decisions will be at the EU summit. There’s the options – can appear “very creative,” said Chizhov. – Precedents are different, for example, sanctions against Minsk. First, the EU waited for the outcome of the elections in Belarus, and then the sanctions were extended and at the same time extended the decision to freeze them”.

“We are not going to discuss with them (sanctions), we will not haggle – this is a problem created by the EU and the US, and to solve this problem, – continued the diplomat. Is that there (in the EU) the process of fermentation, a fact well known. It is no coincidence that Vice President Joe Biden as the ideologist called in Brussels (European Commission President) Jean-Claude Juncker that the sanctions should in any case be renewed and be ready to reinforce them. Then there was a huge press release from Washington and silence in Brussels.”