The veteran of “alpha”: the secret services of the Russian Federation will strengthen preventive work in connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris

MOSCOW, November 14. The Russian security services strengthen preventive work after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris.

Sure, the veteran of group “the alpha” Igor Shevchuk.

“In connection with the incident in France, the Russian security services, of course, will increase and will further concentrate its analytical and preventive activities,” he said.

However, he noted that such work in Russia “is conducted effectively and for a long time”.

Management “And” special forces center of FSB of Russia or the group “alpha” – an elite special unit of the FSB. Management has called the group “alpha” from journalists and became a famous brand.

Elite fighters of special forces participated in counter-terrorism special operations with the use of special tactics and tools. Their main task – implementation of special force operations to prevent terrorist acts, to identify, neutralize or eliminate terrorists, hostage rescue, etc.

“Wave of refugees”

A group of terrorists could enter the territory of France as legitimate, with the wave of refugees, weapons, explosives and spetssredstva get from accomplices on the spot, says Shevchuk.

“Now hundreds of thousands of refugees trapped in Europe. It was clear when poured, this flow of people that it is possible to visit there legitimate fighters. This was discussed immediately… most Likely, the whole group of terrorists, which now participated in actions in France, is the militants who came to this country with a wave of refugees,” – said Shevchuk, noting that “it is possible to assume with high probability”.

According to him, the terrorists had accomplices. “Here it is necessary to consider the plane of habitat affiliates and the ability of groups of terrorists generally act in the modern city environment, understanding the structure, where they act, understanding the algorithm of actions of special services in emergency situations”, – said Shevchuk.
He noted that France is one of those countries where the presence of populations with Arab and African-American roots has the highest percentage in Europe. “In order to receive recruiting material fighters, bother don’t, there all there. It should be understood that terrorist groups operate on a pre-devised plan, on a pre-given tasks,” – said Shevchuk.

Speaking about the use by terrorists of means of restraint, firearms and explosives, Shevchuk said that the black market of weapons, explosives and drugs has not been canceled. “It is a matter for the intelligence services of France, because the work is the work ahead, this work is preventive,” said Shevchuk.

He noted that the most important thing in the work of the special services is to be proactive, but in this case, the anti-bandits can be effective. Everything else is difficult, because the terrorists the advantage of surprise and mobility. “If you don’t have intelligence about an imminent attack, the special forces will just act as a “fire brigade”, i.e. to kill the bandits after the fact, and this is the most difficult”,- said Shevchuk.

The terrorist attacks in France

A series of terrorist attacks occurred on Friday evening in Paris and the Metropolitan suburb of Saint-Denis at the Stade de France, which hosted the football match between France and Germany. According to recent reports, the attack made eight terrorists, seven of whom blew themselves up using a belt with explosives. Another was killed by police. In connection with the incident, President Francois Hollande announced the introduction in the country of state of emergency and the introduction of intensified control of crossing the state borders. He later stated that the responsibility for the attack bears the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

According to the latest data, the victims of the tragedy were about 130 people. Another 250 people were wounded, 99 of them are in critical condition.

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