Zyuganov urged to tighten security measures in Russia

MOSCOW, November 14. The CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov believes are necessary to maximize security measures in Russia amid a series of terrorist attacks that took place yesterday in Paris.

“Let’s in all directions to strengthen the fight, and then you will see – the result will be good. On the background of what is happening, it is necessary to strengthen all security measures as possible”, – said on 14 November policies.

According to him, all of the services that are designed to deal with crime, should be efficient “and citizens should be safe and not look coming out of the door”. Zyuganov stressed that “security measures are never enough, and they need to actively strengthen”.

The leader of the Communist party expressed condolences to the families and friends of the victims and the French people. “I would like to Express my condolences to the Parisians, the French, and all of us. We live in a vulnerable world,” said Zyuganov.

About the G20 summit

According to Zyuganov, the G20 summit held on 15-16 November in Turkey, would be a suitable platform in order to reiterate the call for foreign partners to establish a coalition against terrorism.

“I am confident that this matter (the establishment of the antiterrorist coalition) should be Central at G20 summit. It (the terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris) will be a valid reason for creating such a coalition,” – said Zyuganov. So he replied to the question, whether Russia, given the sad events in Paris, to renew its call for the creation of the coalition.

The terrorist attacks in Paris

On Friday in several districts in the Paris shooting occurred. In addition, three explosions occurred around Paris Stade de France, which hosted a friendly soccer match between France and Germany. The match was watched by the President of France Francois Hollande. He was evacuated by security personnel.

Simultaneously, the French media reported the capture of about 100 hostages in Paris Bataclan concert hall, which at the time were an American rock group Eagles of Death Metal. The authorities took the decision to hold the assault by special forces.

Throughout France came into force a state of emergency.

Chronicle of terrorist attacks in France: victims and security measures