Lavrov: BRICS leaders stated that the decision on quotas in the IMF is blocked from the USA

ANTALYA, November 15. The BRICS leaders stated that the decision on redistribution of quotas in the IMF is blocked from-for positions of the U.S., said Sunday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov following the meeting of the BRICS.

“Regretfully noted, including in the statement, which circulated following the meeting of the BRICS leaders, taken five years ago, the decision to reform on the increase of quota and voice, which the BRICS countries have in the International monetary Fund, that decision is blocked due to the lack of ratification by the United States, the Minister said to journalists. – In a statement today endorsed the BRICS leaders, right calls to ensure that such ratification took place, as otherwise it suffers the reputation and legitimacy of the International monetary Fund”.

Speaking about the results of the meeting of BRICS leaders on sidelines of G20 summit, Lavrov said that her theme was related to the actual problems in the world economy, instability of international financial and monetary system. “The leaders reaffirmed their commitment to mutual action, consideration of each other’s interests and promotion of joint projects”, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

In particular, leaders agreed on the need to launch the New development Bank of BRICS in the form of specific projects in 2016. “Secondly, it stressed that the pool of conditional foreign exchange reserves remained important and will be actively used to mitigate the negative impact on the financial system of the BRICS countries in those events that take place in global markets and do not depend on five countries”, – has informed laurels.