Sherpa of the Russian Federation: at the G20 summit Putin became one of the most popular figures

ANTALYA, November 15. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the summit of the “twenty” a lot of times had contact with other leaders and, according to the Russian Sherpa Svetlana Lukash, in this sense, was “one of the most popular figures”.

Answering questions of journalists, Lukas did not agree with their assessment that at last year’s summit “the twenty” the relation to Russia was very cool, but the current summit, it has improved somewhat. “I, as a participant of those events, I can say that this (very cautious attitude towards Russia) and then, and everything was in a very friendly atmosphere,” said Lukas.

“For example, today at a reception hosted by the Prime Minister of Turkey in honour of the high guests and all the leaders talked among themselves and with representatives of civil society, business, unions, and President Putin, in my estimation, was one of the most popular figures at the reception, everyone wanted to talk with him,” said Sherpa. “So I can’t say that used to be ice, and now he’s broke”, she added.

About the meeting of Putin and Obama

The meeting of presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama on the sidelines of the summit “group of twenty” looked friendly and constructive, says Lukas.

She stressed that she did not know the content of the conversation the heads of two States and can only be judged by how it looked from the outside. “(The meeting was) Absolutely friendly, completely constructive and completely in normal working order,” said Lukas. Commenting on the photos of this conversation, where the leader of the two countries leaned forward, as if in some tension, the Russian Sherpa emphasized that the room was quite noisy.

“There wasn’t any sudden movements or any grimaces, it was a very constructive conversation,” – says Lukasz.

About oil prices

According to her, the G20 countries acknowledged that the decline in oil prices negatively impacted the global economy.

“There have also been assessments that the situation with low oil prices, which last year, at least all the international organizations discussed quite positively and predicted that the decline in oil prices will lead to growth primarily in the importing countries and overall global growth. Now, this year there was a clear understanding by many leaders and international organizations, this prediction did not materialize and, unfortunately, low oil prices are only affected in a negative way on the development of the global economy, and countries are not only exporters but also importers,” said Lukas.

On the rate the U.S. Federal reserve

Lukash added that the G20 summit participants expressed the wish that the decisions of the U.S. Federal reserve at a rate of refinancing are clear and predictable.

“It was noted in particular that the expected increase in the refinancing rate of the USA should be as clear, predictable, and expressed the wish that the U.S. government has determined the dynamics of this increase,” she said.