Deputies propose to reduce the penalties for a fare trucks on Federal highways without paying

MOSCOW, November 16. A group of deputies headed by Chairman of state Duma Committee on transport Eugene Moskvicheva (United Russia) added in Monday for the consideration of the lower house a bill to reduce penalties for drivers and owners of trucks weighing over 12 tons for nonpayment of dues of tolls on Federal highways. The document, the authors of which were also first Deputy chairmen of the Committee on transport Mikhail Bryachak (Fair Russia) and Vitaly Efimov (“United Russia”) located in the electronic database of the lower house.

Deputies indicate in the explanatory note that currently the fare without payment, provides high penalties to 40 thousand rubles for individual entrepreneurs and 450 thousand rubles for legal entities. According to the parliamentarians, the size of these fines “does not correspond to the scale of the offence”.

“So, unpaid fee for one day of travel on Federal roads of one truck is estimated to be about 1 thousand rubles. Assume that the size of the penalty should correspond to the level of 10 thousand rubles”, – said in a note.

Deputies propose to amend the Code of administrative offences that the fine for driving on Federal highways without cost subject to a fine of 10 thousand rubles, the figure is common both for the truck driver and owner.

The bill requires clarification, according to which “during the day, the person subject to administrative responsibility only once, regardless of the number of cases of fixing of an administrative offence operating in automatic mode special technical means”.

Drivers of trucks weighing more than 12 tons are obliged to pay for travel on Federal highways from November 15. Until 29 February 2016 will be charged in the amount of 1,53 rbl. for kilometre. Later in the period 1 March 2016 to 31 December 2018 the tariff will be increased to 3.06 rubles. per kilometer. Until may 1, 2016 owners of such vehicles will not be fined for the violation of this requirement outside of the Moscow region.

Previously Moskvichev has informed that the Duma Committee on transport with the transport Ministry is discussing the possible introduction of the test mode for charging heavy vehicles.

According to the leaders of profile Committee of the state Duma, the high penalties prescribed by the law now, can have a negative impact on the status of small and medium-sized businesses.

“Given the vast number of in the automotive industry small and medium business, these dimensions of punishment will lead to their inevitable bankruptcy and large-scale social consequences”, – emphasized in the explanatory Memorandum.

The MPs also propose to allow to pay the fare after the completion of the route, and not strictly in the beginning. “The law (current approx.) provides legal vehicles only after making the payment. In line with the practice of modern business it is a very onerous requirement,” noted the authors in the explanatory note.

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