Disputed between “Rosneft” and “Gazprom” Murmansk field put up for auction

Moscow. November 16. The Ministry of natural resources plans to auction the Deposit of Murmansk on the Barents sea shelf, reported to journalists the Deputy head of the Ministry Denis Khramov.

“Rosneft” and “Gazprom” in the beginning of the year, has filed new applications for licenses on the shelf. At Murmansk field in the Barents sea with gas reserves under C1+C2 in the amount of 121 billion cubic meters claimed by both companies.

“As for the Murmansk field, there is an inconsistency – and “Rosneft” and “Gazprom” see this field as a required component of its programme of work on the shelf. Simple logic dictates that in this case you should give the Deposit to someone who will pay more. According to this principle, and we went,” said Temples.

“The government gave us instructions to include the possibility of the auction. However, we are faced with the problem that legally this mechanism is not provided. Now we are preparing the relevant amendments”, – he added.

According Khramova, this process requires some time, therefore in the near future the Murmansk field in the auction will not fall.

As reported, the Agency has developed a draft government decree, according to which it is proposed to put for auction the parts on the shelf that were claimed by several companies. As stated in the explanatory note to the document, state-owned companies annually by February 1 must submit to the Agency applications for licenses on the shelf. In the case that the declared areas will apply only one company, the Agency shall prepare a draft decision on granting the license on the desired area.

If to the site claims more than one company, Rosnedra “before April 1, conduct the conciliation meeting on the controversial site of subsurface resources with the execution of the relevant protocols for the purpose of adjusting the boundaries of the claimed land to its distinctions”.

“If the results of the conciliation meetings to delimit the claimed plot to avoid full or partial overlay of the parcel boundaries of the same applicant on the same plot of another claimant has failed, the Agency provided training and agreement with authorities of the draft decision of the government about carrying out of auction on this site,” reads the note.