Expert ASI: Russian mobile phones are not ready to compete with top smartphones

YEKATERINBURG, November 16. Russia is not ready to produce mobile phones, which could be foreign competitors top-end smartphones. This was reported in the Urals information centre member of the expert group of Agency of strategic initiatives (ASI) on Sverdlovsk area Alexander Trachtenberg.

“Most likely, Russia will not produce mobile phones, which will replace all foreign products. The reason is simple: now Russia, and the USSR belongs to the group “And” production of goods (industrial supplies). Mobile phones also belong to the group “B” to the goods”, – he explained.

According to experts, the artificial stimulation of production of these goods will likely lead to “a waste of wasted money”, especially in the Urals, where the concentration of the enterprises of group “A” “rolls over”. “Start making cell phones here is suicide, especially with the lack of resources, which was not in the USSR. You should choose those industries where we can come forward not only at the Federal level, but also globally”, – said the expert.

According to the head of the company “Financial-analytical solution” by Sergey Martyanov, another problem in the production of smartphones in Russia is unclear the market. “The Soviet brand (quality) is gone, the Russian has not yet appeared. To buy Russian cell phones at once in large quantities and the manufacture of small parties will be expensive, that will affect price. To expand the market we need to promote our technology abroad,” he said.

Martyanov has explained that the promotion of the Russian information technologies in the West is only possible by localizing the production and purchase of Western companies. “For example, when the company “1C” went on the German market, it has invested large sums of money, but did not succeed. But, buying a local company for less money, she was able to promote their products through it,” he added.

In his opinion, for the promotion of Russian IT products also should invest “considerable amounts of money in marketing”, as do, for example, “Apple” and “Microsoft”.