In Antalya there is the meeting of Putin and Merkel

ANTALYA, November 16. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss during the meeting in Antalya, Turkey on the issues “of interest to our bilateral relations”.

The meeting of Putin and Merkel began immediately after the working dinner of the heads of delegation of States parties to the “group of twenty”, invited Nations and international organizations, and the lunch that the plan had to pass within a half hour, lasted nearly three hours.

“Today we have worked a lot, but there are surely other issues that are of interest to our bilateral relations”, – Putin said the Chancellor. He added that the meeting have an opportunity to discuss “all the problems that we do.”

The Chancellor, in turn, thanked Putin for the meeting, agreeing that there is an opportunity to discuss various issues. Merkel, noticed that too late, and was glad for photographers who will be able after the Protocol part of the meeting to “go to sleep”.