Kosachev: the anti-terrorism legislation of the Russian Federation does not need revision

MOSCOW, November 16. Legislative support of the fight against terrorism in the Russian Federation is enough and requires no further action on the part of Parliament. This was stated to journalists by the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev after the joint meeting of the international and defence committees.

According to the Senator, the meeting participants discussed the status of the Russian legislation in the sphere of combating terrorism with the participation of representatives of law enforcement agencies. “Based on this conversation we can conclude that legislative support of this work and law enforcement practice in Russia is sufficient and effective and, in our opinion, require additional operational response by the Federal Assembly”, – he said.

“Additional obstacles contrived nature”

Thus Kosachev noted that the creation of a global terrorist security system prevents the position of some countries, where these questions are “artificially have been politicised”. He believes that in this way there are additional obstacles contrived nature, which “reduces the effectiveness of this work and create conditions for further development of programs and terrorist organizations”.

Its role in overcoming these obstacles, says the Senator, should play the national parliaments “and to improve their own legislation, and in terms of putting pressure on the Executive authorities in their countries to encourage them to overcome foreign policy differences” for the sake of our common struggle against terrorism.

“Each country has its own position”

The diplomats lead the filigree work on developing joint methods of combating terrorism Russia and other countries, said earlier the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

He stressed that “the understanding of this interaction is.” However, he said, “to reach an agreement between Russia and the West is completely impossible because such thing as “the West” also does not exist – each country has its own position, its relationship to various segments of the problem of combating terrorism”. “If you think that the West is United in its approaches 100%, you are wrong”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

“So we have diplomatic filigree work”, – said Peskov. According to him, “last Saturday, Vienna demonstrated an understanding of the need for cooperation and the potential for this cooperation there”. “And, of course, is demonstrated and the contacts of the President (Russia at the summit of “twenty” in Turkey).