Media: tariffs for the population for heat and electricity in 2016 will grow minimally

MOSCOW, November 16. The government decided to raise tariffs for heat and electricity for the population in 2016. The minimum levels of tariffs for heat for the population do not change, and the maximum will grow just 3.4% for the energy range of the index will be 1-7,5%, writes the newspaper “Kommersant”.

Traditionally the government set for power plants over 25 MW the minimum and maximum tariffs, based on this final rate for the population define the regions. For 2016, the Ministry of construction and the FAS offered to abandon lows that would have allowed regions to reduce tariffs, but against such a drastic option was made by the Ministry of energy and Ministry of economic development.

According to sources of the newspaper industry, on Thursday held a coordination meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. In the end, the minimum heat tariffs will remain at the level of 2015, the maximum will increase by 3.4%, which complies with the MAYOR, reported to the edition in the Ministry. Thus, regions will not be able to raise tariffs for heat. Electricity tariffs for the population in 2016 will be indexed in the range 1-7. 5%, but for 14 regions with the critical condition of networks the rule – where the growth will be 4.5 to 7.5%.

These data confirmed the newspaper the representative of Dmitry Kozak and Deputy head of the Ministry Andrey Chibis. The corresponding order of the FAS may come today. In the opinion of the Lapwing, the solution will allow regions “pinching” the tariffs for water and sanitation: traditionally it was done to their account to ensure that networks and large generation Federal levels of tariff indexation.

The FAS and the Ministry of energy insisted on a higher indexation for the heat, but the Ministry of economy assumed that gas tariffs will rise only by 2% in 2016, and the total charge of the population for housing and communal services can’t grow more than 4%, according to the minutes of the meeting of the Board of the FAS 6 November. According to a source in one of genkompanii, the regions will focus on low fare, and since it is not growing, then the bet on the heat will not rise and high inflation, the producers will incur a loss. Previously, they compensated by revenue from the wholesale electricity market, but not this time allows the new model of competitive capacity outtake , concludes the source.