The court will consider the claim of “Rosneft” to Rosnedra for the Eastern Taimyr

The court will consider the claim of “Rosneft” to Rosnedra for the Eastern Taimyr

August 11, LUKOIL won the competition for a license for the terrestrial part of Eastern Taimyr oil and gas section, later Rosneft has challenged in arbitration the appropriate decision for the Agency.

MOSCOW, 16 Nov. The arbitration court of Moscow on Monday will continue consideration of the application of “Rosneft”, demanding to cancel results of competition of the Federal Agency for subsoil use the right to develop the land part of the East Taimyr oil and gas area.

“Rosneft” also demands to recognize the illegal actions of the Committee expressed, in its opinion, in violation of the order of conducting the contest and determining the winner. The winner was the structure of LUKOIL — “LUKOIL-Western Siberia”. Took part in the competition itself “Rosneft”.

The representative of Rosneft has previously said in court that the assessment of technical and economic proposals (TEP) of two participants was not conducted on the six criteria specified in the law on subsoil and on two, one the law does not stipulate. According to the representative of LUKOIL, is involved in the case as a third person, the winner presented the best proposal for the exploration and transportation of oil. A spokesman for the Agency said that the Commission has applied all the criteria for the evaluation of TEP participants, but in terms of poor knowledge of the site criterion for exploration has been critical. According to the Respondent, LUKOIL promised to drill 4 test wells, starting in 2017, and “Rosneft” — two and possibly two more, starting from 2019. Also Rosnedra announced the missed three-month deadline to appeal the terms of the contest.

The court earlier on a petition of “Rosneft” took security measures, banning Rosnedra perform any act aimed at the approval of the competition results. In particular, it is forbidden to issue a license for the site prior to the entry into force of the decision in the present case.

East of the Taimyr subsoil plot is located in the Taimyr Dolgan-Nenets municipal district, Krasnoyarsk Krai near the coast of the Laptev sea near the mouth of the Khatanga river. In the spring the Committee decided to split the plot into two parts — land and sea. It allowed LUKOIL to qualify for the land part, because, by law, the master shelf can only “Gazprom” and “Rosneft”. In his address to the court, “Rosneft”, as stated by its representative in court, not contesting the boundaries of the auctioned plot.

August 11, LUKOIL won the competition for the use of subsoil of the land part of the site. The license term will be 27 years. The winner was an offer for 2 billion rubles.