The state Duma may pass on Tuesday, a statement on the terrorist attacks in Paris

MOSCOW, 16 Nov. The state Duma will consider at plenary session on Tuesday a statement on the terrorist attacks in Paris, prepared by the international Committee, the decision was taken by the Council of the Duma. About this informed the head of Committee on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR).

Earlier, the head of the international Committee Alexei Pushkov said about the preparation of this document.

“Tomorrow will include (in the agenda). The Committee is working on the text,” — said Nilov from the meeting of the Duma Council on Monday.

Friday night in Paris there was a series of terrorist attacks. Unknown opened fire at one of the restaurants, three explosions occurred near the stadium “Stade de France”, where was held a friendly match the football teams of France and Germany in the presence of French President françois Hollande. In addition, at a rock concert at the “Bataclan”, the unknown took hostages. According to the latest data, has killed 129 people, about 300 were wounded.