Ulyukayev predicted the oil price to $50 next year

Moscow. November 16. The price of oil, despite the current fall in 2016 will cost about $50, and included in the Russian budget, says the economic development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev.

Commenting on the question about expectations, how long the oil price may be close to $40 per barrel, Ulyukayev said that it is difficult to estimate how long the prospects of this reduction, because the forecast laid and dynamics stocks, and the dynamics of American shale oil.

“Us shale oil – the closing costs that determine the value of lower pricing. There is such multidirectional dynamics. Drilling is not growing, and extraction increases. And that’s not very clear, this long-term trend or a long period”, – he explained.

“However, we believe that the average price will be closer to the values that we have in the forecast – about $50 in 2016,” – said Ulyukayev, zatrudnilisj to comment on the matter when the price of oil could return to $50.