Arbitration declared LUKOIL a winner on the East-Taimyr area

Moscow. November 16. The Moscow arbitration court refused to Rosneft in the application for recognition illegal the decision of the competitive Commission on the recognition of “LUKOIL” winner by the East-Taimyr area, the correspondent of Interfax from the courtroom.

At the same time, the court lifted the injunction that had imposed ban on issuance of licenses to East-Taimyr area.

In August, LUKOIL won the competition for a license for the development of the onshore part of the East-Taimyr area. Besides “LUKOIL” in participation of “Rosneft”. Last first wrote a letter to the Ministry of environment to clarify actions of the competition Committee, and then submitted to Rosnedra in court.

As an interim measure the court forbade the Rosnedra perform any act aimed at the adoption of the results of the competition, including to make a decision on approval of results of competition, to execute, to carry out state registration and issue the license before the entry into force of the decision on the case.