Google to challenge in court the order of the FAS on the complaint of “Yandex”

Moscow. November 17. Google intends to challenge in court the decision and prescription of the Federal Antimonopoly service, adopted following the consideration of the complaint of “Yandex”.

“We intend to challenge this decision and to explain in court why we believe it to be unfounded,” said a senior lawyer of the company Tero Luco.

As reported, the FAS has ordered Google to 18 November (later the term was extended until 18 December, at the request of the company) to eliminate the violation of the law “On protection of competition”. In particular, Google should be excluded from agreements with the vendors of anti-competitive regulations that restrict the installation of applications and services to other developers. Existing users of android devices should be notified of deactivation of preinstalled Google apps, change search engine in Google Chrome, you install a search widget, and also change the location of the icons.

FAS filed a case against Google in February according to the complaint the largest Russian Internet company “Yandex”. The latter believes that the American giant is dictating its terms to the manufacturers of mobile devices based on Android. For example, last year Google banned preset all services “Yandex” on mobile devices Fly, Explay and Prestigio.

“Yandex” after the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly service has begun talks with device manufacturers to preinstall on their services. “Much will depend on the actions of Google – whether it will fulfill the requirement of the regulator, or he will appeal in court,” – said recently the head of “Yandex” Alexander Shulgin.