Kissinger: the U.S. and Russia have common approaches for combating extremism

WASHINGTON, Nov 17. Dmitry Zlatarev. The U.S. and Russia can common approaches to combating radical extremism in the middle East, said on Monday the Patriarch of American policy, Henry Kissinger.

“One of the strategic reasons for the” military influence of the Russian Federation on the situation in Syria former Secretary of state and assistant to the President for national security called that “the middle East has an impact on the stability inside Russia itself”. “Russia fears that non-state actors with radical based and is developing in the middle East, sooner or later reach its limits,” he said, speaking at a security forum in Washington.

In this regard, Kissinger expressed the view that “Russia is trying to prevent the development and consolidation of radical Islamists”.

“In this sense, their purpose is similar to ours. And I see a parallel with Russia approaches to the problem of radical Islamism in the middle East,” he added.