Lavrov: the United States deliberately spared of the IG in Syria, the group was able to weaken al-Assad

KHABAROVSK, November 17. The U.S. and the coalition making in Syria that is banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) has weakened the country’s President Bashar al-Assad, but at the same time don’t want the extremists seized power. This was stated on Tuesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov on air of TV channel “Russia 1” in the program “Вести.doc”.

“The trouble with the USA and their coalition was the fact that even though they announced that a coalition is formed exclusively for fighting ISIS and other terrorists and will not carry out any military action against the Syrian army (practice shows that they have not violated this word), but caused by their attacks on the terrorists’ positions and analysis of these attacks for more than one year allow us to conclude that they selectively beat, I would say, gently, and in most cases didn’t touch the units of the IG, which could seriously oust the Syrian army,” he said.

According to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, “it is quite dangerous and certainly ambiguous game, not give an idea of what you want US”. “Apparently, this is from the series “and wants and prickly”: I want IG as soon as possible weakened Assad, so he somehow walked away, but at the same time do not want too to strengthen the IG, which then can seize power”, – explained the Minister.

“Our assessment of the situation after the announcement of the beginning of antiterrorist operation in August 2014 based on observations of specific results and results few, not to say that they are not, except that the IG during this period has expanded the territories under its control, – said Lavrov. – There were some tactical successes, when they managed to beat IG in a couple of cities in Iraq.”

“Unfounded accusations”

Russia is pursuing a consistent and resolute struggle against all who profess and preach terrorist ideology, Lavrov said.

According to him, Russia responded to the request of the legitimate government of Syria to provide military assistance to the Syrian army with air strikes to halt offensive actions of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. “We do it consistently and do not divide terrorists on those that could help to solve some tactical problems, in the hope that they can then be sorted out, and beat on everyone who professes and preaches terrorist ideology”, – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

“I think that all the “groaning” we hear that “Russia has not there and to the detriment of the moderate opposition” derives from the ambiguity that underlies the activities of the (US-led) coalition: there is a desire not to give to roam the terrorists, but in cases where they can weaken the regime, it is not prevented, – said Lavrov. From there on all of these conversations and allegations that we violated almost all the laws of war and beat on peaceful citizens”.


“Islamic state” (ISIS) – an Islamist terrorist organization operating inside Iraq and Syria. Established on 15 October 2006 by the merger of 11 radical Sunni groups. The core group forming the militants, who fought with American troops during their stay in Iraq and with the forces of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The IG recognized as a terrorist organization in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, India, Indonesia, and Russia (29 December 2014).