Putin: APEC’s role as the coordinator of integration initiatives should increase

MOSCOW, November 17. APEC’s role as coordinator of the various integration initiatives should increase. This was written by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in his article published in the leading mass media of the APEC countries.

Putin noted that the strategic path lies not only in increasing the number of free trade zones, but also in the collaborative development and implementation of the best practices of liberalization in all the APEC members with regard to the positions and interests of each other. “In this regard, should continue to enhance APEC’s role as coordinator of the various integration initiatives on the formation of the region in General, open and non-discriminatory market free of block barriers”, – said the President.

According to him, the main importance in this is the effective implementation of the Road map promoting the creation of an Asia-Pacific free trade zone, .

To realize the potential of development of the APEC countries is not sufficient to agree only about the rules of the game in today’s trade flows, expressed confidence in Putin. “We need to develop joint approaches to the establishment and management of the emerging markets new economy based on digital technologies, to shape the institutions and rules that provide additional opportunities for the entrepreneurs of our countries to create a modern, advanced products and quality jobs,” – said the Russian leader.

Putin pointed out that the creation of new zones of free trade “in General promotes the formation of favorable conditions for the liberalization of trade and investment flows in the Asia-Pacific region”. “However, the confidential nature of the negotiations to create a Transpacific partnership is unlikely to help sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

“Facing the APEC task can be tackled successfully based on the principles of partnership”

Vladimir Putin is convinced that the challenges facing APEC, can be tackled successfully based on the principles of partnership. “The scale and diversity of challenges facing APEC are truly impressive – he wrote in his article. – I am convinced that we will be able to decide, based on fundamental principles of partnership, working for the benefit of our peoples and in the interests of advancing towards a common Asia-Pacific family.”

The head of state noted that in APEC have shown serious interest in the Russian proposals for the establishment of a common educational space in the region. “Today, when the Asia-Pacific region gaining ground in a number of leading global technology centres, more and more urgent to unite efforts for creation of major research platforms and centres, he stressed. – Note that the proactive role of Russia in this sphere received recognition partners, and our country, together with Peru, has entrusted the right to preside at the Meeting of Ministers of education of APEC, to be held in Lima in 2016”.

Speaking about other areas of cooperation, the Russian leader has reminded that Russia actively participates in new financial institutions in the region – BRICS Bank and the Asian Bank of infrastructure investments. “I’m sure their work will not only contribute to development in the Asia-Pacific region, but will also contribute to strengthening the resilience of the global financial system”, – stressed the head of state.

He added that Russia had consistently worked to create a maximum comfortable business climate on the national level. “These efforts have received international estimates that over the last 4 years in the world Bank Doing Business ranking, Russia went up by 69 positions from 120th to 51st place”, – the President recalled.

The APEC summit will be held November 18-19 in the Philippines. Russia will submit to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, Putin attaches great importance to cooperation with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, in particular, suggests a special article of the Russian leader.

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