Putin: Russia will find terrorists anywhere in the world and will punish

MOSCOW, November 17. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin promised that those responsible and involved in the attack with the A321 aircraft in Egypt will be found and punished. The head of state has ordered to reinforce the strikes of Russian aviation in Syria “so that perpetrators understand that retribution is inevitable”.

“Russia is not the first time confronted with the barbaric terrorist crimes, often for no apparent reason, external or internal, as with the explosion at the railway station in Volgograd in late 2013. We are no one and nothing is forgotten”, – said the head of state at a meeting held late Monday, after returning from the summit of “twenty” in Turkey.

Putin is convinced: “the Killing of our people in the Sinai are among the most bloody for the number of victims of crime. And we won’t wipe the tears from our soul and heart. It will stay with us forever.” “But it will not prevent us to find and punish the criminals,” – said the Russian leader.

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“We have to do it without a Statute of limitations, know them all by name. We’ll look for them everywhere, wherever they were hiding. We find them anywhere in the world and pocharam”, – said Putin. According to him, this should “be based on people who share our moral and ethical values that underpin our policies, in this case foreign policy and security policy, the policy against terrorism”.

Assistance from others

The President also instructed the foreign Ministry “to appeal to all our partners”.

“We hope in the course of this work, including for search and punishment of criminals, to all of our friends,” Putin said. “We will act in accordance with article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, providing for the right of States to self-defence”, – said the Russian leader. “All who try to help the criminals must know that the consequences of such attempts of concealment will lie entirely on their shoulders,” warned the President.

He demanded from special services to focus on the work to search involved in the attack.

“You can definitely say that it is a terrorist act”

The cause of the crash of the Russian aircraft A321 over the Sinai has become a terrorist attack using an improvised explosive device with power up to 1 kg in a trotyl equivalent, has informed the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The transcript of the meeting published on the Kremlin website. “You can definitely say that it is a terrorist act”, – said Bortnikov. According to him, the wreckage of things and traces of explosives foreign production.

“Our professionals, on Board an aircraft in flight explosive device with power up to 1 kg in a trotyl equivalent, therefore there was “shredded” aircraft in the air, what explains the variation parts of the fuselage of the aircraft at a great distance,” said the head of the FSB. He explained that studies have been conducted personal effects, Luggage and parts of the liner that crashed in Egypt on 31 October.

In the meeting, which was held late last night in the Kremlin, was attended by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Director of the Federal security service Alexander Bortnikov, chief of the General staff of the Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov, Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and Director of foreign intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov. The meeting honored the memory of those killed in the attack a moment of silence.

Aviation terrorist attacks. Dossier


The A321 aircraft to the Russian airline “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight 9268 Sharm El-Sheikh to St Petersburg, crashed on 31 October after about half an hour after departure, 100 km South from the administrative centre of province Northern Sinai city of El Arish, near the settlement of El Hasna. In total the plane was 217 passengers and seven crew members, none survived. On November 6, President Vladimir Putin accepted the recommendations of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAC) to suspend flights to Egypt to ascertain the causes of the crash of Airbus A321.