Senator: countering terrorism countries must establish a common system of aviation security

MOSCOW, November 17. Countries opposing terrorism, should develop the overall system of aviation security. This opinion was expressed by first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs, the General-the major of FSB in resignation Vladimir djabarov.

“We and other countries of the world, all participants antiepilepsy coalition (ISIL, the “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant” – the former name, not the terrorist group “Islamic state” – approx.), needs to work on the overall system of aviation security, primarily to resort areas of the Middle East, Egypt, UAE, maybe even Thailand,” said djabarov.

The Senator noted that the security screening and baggage in Russian airports “is happening perfectly”. The MP also believes that while General aviation security is not created, the Russian specialists together with foreign partners, for example in Egypt should monitor the safe handling of aircraft in foreign airports. “If they are interested in the flow of our and Western tourists, they should listen to this carefully and ensure flawless preparation of aircraft for return flights, because it was the weak point”, – stressed djabarov.

“We can work together with intelligence services of many countries to conduct an effective investigation”

Russia is able to successfully investigate the attack, which took place on Board the Russian aircraft in Egypt, with the support of foreign States. This opinion was expressed to journalists the member of the Duma Committee on security, former head of FSB Nikolai Kovalev. “I believe that we can work together with intelligence services of many countries to conduct an effective investigation into the terrorist act committed over the Sinai Peninsula,” said Kovalev. He expressed confidence that sooner or later the President will be informed of the punishment committed the attack.

The MP recalled how after the terrorist attack at the Olympics in Munich the Prime Minister of Israel following the investigation put a short note intelligence says “We will retaliate”. “I really want such a report was made and after some time on the President’s Desk appeared similar in content to note: “We have done our best to identify the authors and perpetrators of this terrorist attack and they got the punishment they deserved. I believe it,” said Kovalev.

A disaster is qualified as terrorist attack

The head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov earlier reported to the President that the disaster of the Russian aircraft A321 of airline “Kogalymavia” carrying out flight No. 9268 Sharm El-Sheikh to St Petersburg, was the result of a terrorist attack. According to him, the wreckage of things and traces of explosives foreign production. “Our professionals, on Board an aircraft in flight explosive device with power up to 1 kg in a trotyl equivalent, therefore there was “shredded” aircraft in the air, what explains the variation parts of the fuselage of the aircraft at a great distance,” said the head of the FSB.

Disaster A321 over the Sinai Peninsula, occurred on 31 October 2015, has become one of the largest in the history of world aviation. The A321 airliner companies “Kogalymavia” carried out a Charter flight from Sharm-El-Sheikh to St Petersburg. 23 minutes after departure the crew had lost radio communications and the aircraft disappeared from radar. Search teams found the wreckage of the plane near the town of Nekhel. All aboard 224 people, including 25 children, were killed.

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