The Chinese state company can participate in the construction of port Zarubino in Primorye

VLADIVOSTOK, November 17. /Corr. Natalia Nikulina/. Chinese state company China Merchants Group, which for 140 years of existence has created 34 of the terminal in 14 countries, will participate in the construction of “Big port Zarubino” project with TRANS-shipment capacity of 60 million tons per year.

“Particularly valuable to investors appears to be public support for the project. It is the creation of transport and engineering infrastructure and preferential tax and customs modes”, – stated in the message of administration of Primorye.

Details of cooperation and the amount of possible investments is not specified.

Earlier, Summa group signed an agreement of intent on cooperation with China Merchants Group and the establishment of a logistics center in Hunchun of Jilin province (PRC).

New deep-sea port Zarubino is in Trinity Bay, 18 km from the border with China, is one of the largest projects of the group “Summa” in the far East. It is planned that it will reach transshipment capacity of 60 million tons per year. Total investment – approximately $1 billion. it is planned to create a specialized grain terminal, container and alumina terminals, specialized, and universal marine terminal.

Zarubino port included into the international transport corridor “Primorye-2”, which suggests to associate the ports of South-West Primorye – Posyet, Zarubino and Slavyanka – with Chinese provinces, which allows to deliver goods from the North-East in the South-Eastern province of China and also to countries in the Asia-Pacific region and in the opposite direction.

The port was among 15 areas in which there is a Free port of Vladivostok, which implies special rules, a number of privileges and preferences for new business.

The first resident of port became “Pacific investment company”, it intends to build in the village of Slavyanka in the Khasan district of Primorye a hotel with 182 rooms at a cost of 5 billion rubles.