The Communists suggested that the deputies and senators to spend New year in Russia

MOSCOW, Nov 17. Deputies from the CPRF Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov appealed to the speakers of the Federation Council and the state Duma Valentina Matvienko and Sergei Naryshkin with a proposal to recommend to the Parliament to spend the Christmas holidays in Russia.

“We ask you to recommend to the State Duma deputies, Federation Council members, to associate myself with the locals to spend new year holidays in Russia that will contribute to the popularization of domestic tourism and raise the credibility of the Parliament and parliamentarians,” write the Communist Naryshkin and Matviyenko (text is available).

According to deputies, it would be the right move in the conditions when temporarily suspended air service between Russia and Egypt, and tour operators have been advised to abstain from the sale of permits in this country.

Also remind the Communists that he appealed to the President asking for security to suspend flights to Turkey and Tunisia.

“It is clear that the interests of the tourist industry should not take precedence over the conservation of life and health of Russian citizens. Obviously, the terrorist threat raises questions about the safety of Russians on the most popular among our tourists in the resort areas,” write the MPs.

Rashkin and Obukhov point out that the majority of Russian tourists is not available expensive resorts, and visiting a relatively cheap became unsafe.

“In this regard, great importance and the public outcry would be the appropriate action State Duma deputies, senators, their example of civic responsibility in the selection of routes for recreation,” say the Communists.