The Ministry of transport has opposed the ban of the import of aircraft older than 15 years

Moscow. November 17. The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation spoke against the ban to import for subsequent operation of aircraft older than 15 years, the newspaper “Izvestia” on Tuesday.

“International practice demonstrates the safe operation of aircraft older than 30 years under the right system of airworthiness support”, – said the press service of the Ministry.

In the Ministry of transport said that, according to statistics, the “young” aircraft fell into disasters more frequently.

“If you spend some analogy with the international aviation market, according to statistics from Poppy, the maximum number of disasters in the world had just aircraft aged less than 5 years. Looking more deeply at the numbers with increasing age of the aircraft the number of accidents and of accidents with them is reduced,” – said the press service.

The Ministry noted that the position of the Ministry of transport supports and the interstate aviation Committee (IAC), which in November declared that the main thing for safety is the airworthiness of the aircraft and not its age.

A proposal to prohibit the use of foreign-made aircraft older than 15 years in 2013, the Ministry asked the Federal air transport Agency, and after the crash of the Russian aircraft A321 in Egypt, the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on industry Vladimir Gutenev sent a similar bill to the government.