The speaker: support the tourism industry in General is unlikely to be provided

MANILA, November 16. The Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev believes that only in a few cases, you can consider support of tour operators after the cancellation of air links with Egypt and a series of terrorist attacks in Paris. Support the industry as a whole is unlikely to be forthcoming, he told reporters.

“There are two things: there is help industry as such, but there is a separate (companies), who are in a more difficult position, which, for example, operate on those routes, who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Such a tragedy, such as Egyptian and, perhaps, the current Paris, somehow will affect the tourist flow. Probably, these isolated cases need to consider it,” he said.

Support Of “Aeroflot”

The company “Aeroflot” will be provided indirect assistance in the form of good international routes, so the question of other support, while not necessary, said the speaker.

“I think that indirect help is provided by the fact that a large number of good international routes will be distributed in favor of “Aeroflot”. About something more specific, the company has not raised the question – any items of payment or something else,” he said.

Aeroflot, after the decision on bankruptcy “Transaero”, took over the company in operational management. As of 26 October, by the “Aeroflot” transported 94.8% of passengers of airline “Transaero”. 56 international routes, the carrier agreed to transmit the group of “Aeroflot”. –

Amendments to the budget

The Committee on budget and taxes has considered today the amendments to the 2015 budget to provide $ 1.5 billion tourism industry for damages related to the ban on holidays in Egypt.

The amendments were considered as part of the preparation for the second reading amendments to the budget for 2015 and on planning period 2016 and 2017.

Second reading scheduled for Wednesday, November 18.

Loss of tour operators

As previously reported, preparatory indicated that the approximate current costs for the export of tourists (it’s listed tour companies, airlines funds) amounted to 1.5 billion rubles.


Estimated commercial Director and co-founder of Tez Tour Alexander Burtina, the loss of the tourism industry because of the ban of flights to Egypt are estimated at 5 billion rubles a month.

The estimate is based on the fact that, on average, from Russia flew 50 thousand tourists per week, and the average cost of the tour per person was $350 dollars, said Burtin.

As previously reported, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at the meeting of the headquarters of the government on 10 November said that the government is ready to support operators in connection with the cancellation of air links with Egypt. The size of this support is not yet specified.