VW in October reduced the market share of the EU on the background of the “diesel” scandal

Moscow. November 17. Sales of new cars in Europe in October 2015 increased in the 26th month in a row, the leader of the European car market Volkswagen has reduced sales and market share amid “diesel scandal”. The group’s share in the European market last month declined to 25.1% from 25.9% a year earlier.

According to the report of the European automobile manufacturers Association (ACEA), the number of registered new cars in EU 27 (excluding Malta, for which there are no data) last month increased by 2.9% compared with October last year, to 1,105 million cars. In September the indicator jumped 9.8%.

Car sales in the EU for 10 months of the current year increased by 8.2% to 11,524 million cars.

Car sales in the region with regard to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in October rose by 2.7% to 1,113 million units. In January-October sales volumes rose by 8.2% to 11,926 million cars.

The number of sold cars last month increased in all five major European markets, except the UK, where the indicator decreased by 1.1% to 177,7 thousand cars. The decline in car sales was recorded in the country for the first time in three and a half years. In Germany, the index rose 1.1% to 278,4 thousand cars in France – 1%, to over 161.7 thousand, in Italy – by 8.6%, to 132,9 thousand, in Spain by 5.2%, to 80.1 thousand

The decline in vehicle sales last month was recorded in Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Luxembourg and Slovakia, while in Greece the figure fell by 17.6%.

Total Volkswagen sales in the EU decreased in October by 0.5% to of 267.8 thousand cars. The number of car registrations actually the Volkswagen brand declined 0.2%, Skoda – by 2.6% Seat – by 11.4%. Audi sales grew by 4.1%, Porsche – by 13.9%. The group’s share in the European market decreased to 25.1% from 25.9% a year earlier.

French PSA Group reduced sales by 0.9% and reduced market share to 10.7% from 11.1% in October 2014. Sales of Peugeot grew by 2.8%, Citroen – decreased by 5.5%.

The sales of Renault cars dropped by 0.7%, the share of the French automaker in the market region decreased to 9.7% from 10% the year before.

Ford sales rose in October by 1.7%, BMW Group – 13.4%, FCA Group – 8%, Daimler – by 21% (sales of Mercedes brand were up by 10.8%). The demand for cars Opel Group decreased by 2.7%.

Japanese automakers Toyota Group and Nissan sales decreased respectively 3.5% and 3.8%, while Mazda sales soared to 34.3%.

Sales of South Korean KIA and Hyundai went up by 4.2% and 8.5%.

Ongoing for more than two years, the growth of sales of cars in Europe is the longest period of upswing since the beginning of data collection ACEA in 1990.