Russia responded to the terrorist attack on Board an Airbus A321 – IG thrown against strategic bombers

MOSCOW, November 17. Russia doubled the intensity of air strikes on the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) in Syria, the first time throwing against the militants strategic bombers. This was reported Wednesday to President Vladimir Putin, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Earlier, the head of state demanded to increase its air offensive against ISIS. So he responded to the report of the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov, reported that the cause of the crash of the airliner A321 31 October was a terrorist attack: the largest in the history of domestic aviation disaster brought improvised bombs on Board.

The fight against “Islamic state” not only strengthens Russia – on massive strikes on ISIS after the terrorist attacks in Paris declared the French President Francois Hollande. In the Kremlin said that the leaders of Russia and France have agreed to coordinate military and intelligence agencies against terrorists. Putin instructed to install with French colleagues direct contact and “work with them as allies.”

Far aviation

Tuesday for the first time since the beginning of the Russian operation in Syria a blow against ISIS has struck Long-range aviation.

First in Syria flew bombers Tu-22M3 – from 05:00 to 05:30 ut to 12 aircraft attacked the facilities, in particular, in the province of raqqa, which is considered a stronghold of the banned in Russia “Islamic state”. Then went strategic Tu-95MS and Tu-160 – between 09:00 and 09:40 GMT they were released on targets in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo 34 cruise missiles. Another wave of bombings was carried out during the military report to the President, said the commander of Distant aircraft Anatoly Zhiharev.

Strategic bombers will continue to destroy the terrorists in Syria: the operation will attract a 25 Long range aircraft. In addition, the Russian troops at the air base Hamim, already numbering more than 50 aircraft and helicopters, will be strengthened. According to the chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov, it will add eight of the newest su-34 fighters and four su-27CM.

As said Shoigu, the Russian aircraft will continue to strike massive attacks on ISIS. “Forces and means enough,” he assured the President.

To build on the goals of the pilots will help the satellites, including civil, told Gerasimov. “The investigation involved ten species of spacecraft and electronic surveillance, including civilian use. Is repurposing and correction of the orbits of several satellites that provides resolution of Syria as often as necessary”, – he reported.

In Alliance with France

On Monday, French President Francois Hollande announced his intention to meet with colleagues from the USA and Russia to discuss joint struggle against terrorism.

“Today we need to unite under the Grand coalition the efforts of all parties who are fighting with the “Islamic state”. It is in this context in the coming days I will meet with President Obama and President Putin to unite our efforts and achieve results”, – said Hollande.

The meeting of Putin and Hollande will be held on 26 November in Moscow. The presidents managed to agree on joint fight against ISIS. “Agreed, in particular, to ensure closer liaison and coordination between military and intelligence agencies of the two countries in the ongoing Russia and France in Syria operations against terrorist organizations”, – reported in a press-service of the Kremlin after a telephone conversation between the two leaders.

On November 19, to the coast of Syria going to the French nuclear aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”. Putin instructed the commander of the missile cruiser “Moskva”, which is already in the Mediterranean, to establish cooperation with French colleagues. In addition, the President said the military “will need to develop with them a plan of joint actions both at sea and in the air.”

Doubling efforts

Doubling the efforts of the Russian air force in Syria would “deliver a powerful, accurate strikes on targets of the Islamic state (formerly “Islamic state” – approx.) on the entire territory of Syria,” stressed the Minister of defence Shoigu.

Only today the Russian pilots have to make 127 sorties against objects 206 of the IG, he said.

Overall, since September 30, when the operation against terrorists, the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation has fulfilled almost 2.3 thousand sorties and struck more than 4.1 thousand beats. These data were provided in the report to the President, the chief of the General staff Gerasimov. “Destroyed 562 the control room, 64 training camps of terrorists, 54 of the plant for the manufacture of arms and ammunition”, – he has listed.

According to Gerasimov, the Russian air strikes have allowed Syrian government forces to regain control over 500 square kilometers of territory and for the release of 80 settlements. He noted that such success was achieved “for the first time in four years.”

“Carrying out combat missions to combat terrorism in Syria, you defend Russia and its citizens, said in response to Putin. – I want to thank you for your service and wish you good luck”.

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“Islamic state” (ISIS) – an Islamist terrorist organization operating inside Iraq and Syria. Established on 15 October 2006 by the merger of 11 radical Sunni groups. The core group forming the militants, who fought with American troops during their stay in Iraq and with the forces of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The IG recognized as a terrorist organization in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, India, Indonesia, and Russia (29 December 2014).