The Director of the service Moravu responsible for the protection of the first persons of Russia, turns 70

MOSCOW, November 18. The Director of the Federal guard service (FSO) Evgeny Murov 18 Wednesday birthday. Most non-public of the leaders of national intelligence responsible for security of the first persons of the state, attains the age of 70.

Army General Murov – the 30th head of the Russian state protection. He is the head of the FSO for the last 15 years from 18 may 2000. The Director of the service, and heads of other security agencies, is appointed by the decree of the President of Russia.

Official Murov biography on the website of the SSF is known that he was born in Zvenigorod, Moscow region, has two education – higher technical and higher special, and in the organs of state security serves since 1971.

“From 1974 to 1991 he worked in various positions in the Committee for state security of the USSR, 3.5 years was in business trip in Southeast Asia. From 1992 to 1997 he served as head of several regional divisions of FSB in St. Petersburg. From 1997 he worked as Deputy head of Department of FSB of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. In the Central apparatus of the FSB served as the first Deputy head of the Department of economic counterintelligence”, – lists career milestones Murov was appointed to the Director of FSO.

And at the end briefly: “he Has state awards”.

Without unnecessary PR

Over the past 10 years Murov did not give a single interview to the news agencies. Prior to that, he twice answered questions of journalists. So, in 2000, Murov told about the impromptu Russian President Vladimir Putin, who during his visit to Japan came on the Mat and even allowed local judoka to throw himself on the carpet.

“Honestly, we didn’t expect that the President will allow Japanese athlete to play the second reception. Although we know that Putin is a sport not just a hobby, and second life, in which there is no difference, you’re the President or not. And the fact that he did it sincerely, not for show, that’s for sure,” said the major General Murov.

“Personally, I would think that this shouldn’t be done. I then expressed to him their opinion, but let it remain between us. Today the President’s health is nation’s health. He, of course, a person trained, but God forbid… We were very worried about it. Although if they fought for real, it is unknown how it would have turned. I know of Mr Putin the athlete and I think he would never be allowed to host a reception. But the Japanese was nice – you should see how their eyes shone! It was a real surprise for them”, – shared her impressions the head of the FSO.

A year later, Murov said that happy with how long the interaction of FVS with the protection of the President of the United States. In his view, the relationship between the security personnel of any country is not subject to fluctuations in relations between States: “They are always friendly, as everyone understands their full responsibility for the safety of the first persons and delegations. Here we are, I can honestly say, nothing to share. Do one job and do it to both sides in good faith,” said the Director of the service.

The pace President

Even Murov told that Putin “considers the recommendations” of the protection and even “basically, they performs”, but the final decision invariably takes himself. “The President is free to decide what to do. One thing I would suggest is another matter – his decision. He tries to listen to our opinion. But there are digressions,” confessed the General, who constantly has a direct relationship with the President.

According to the head of Service, the FSO had to adjust to the rapid pace of work of Putin. “When I immediately after the appointment in may (2000) has gathered together all the leaders of FSO, warned: today, the work is significantly different from the previous one. The pace we set today, employees must meet the energy, which is the President and his team. And that means we must be even more energetic,” aimed Murov.

In this mode, the FSO is working for over 15 years. Her responsibilities include the protection not only of the head of state. Among the “wards” of the Service, in particular, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, as well as about three dozen of protected persons from the top leadership of the country.

State protection also extends to high-ranking guests from Russia. In the “language” of the SSF is described as “providing robust and comprehensive protection of the first persons of the state.” Assessment Murov, “tasks of the SSF Russia, in its scale and significance are not only nationwide, but in certain parts of an international character”.

While the SSF does not disclose information on the number of employees, but assures that their technical equipment meets the necessary requirements and is constantly improved, and are mostly used domestically. As reported by Murov, “in order FSO of Russia are high-tech shooting centre, shooting ranges, shooting range and other modern educational-material base, officers are provided with modern weapons, equipment, special equipment, communication and transport, and the unique, not having analogues in Russia, as the racetrack and training facility allows you to use the latest technologies and methods of training of drivers of various divisions of the state protection”.

A few years ago Service got a private higher educational institution, the Academy of FSS of Russia in Orel.

The result of SSF is obvious: none of the protected officials has not suffered from hackers.

In constant readiness

The article in the magazine “Rodina” in 2011 for the anniversary of state protection Murov wrote: “For the past 130 years units special security service of Russia ensured the security of many important state events. Their number amounts to many thousands, but we can talk about a consistently high level of their conduct, even in the most dramatic and critical moments of national history”. And admitted: “And yet in the annals of the history of the state guard at all times and in all countries were not only successes but also failures, understanding that allowed them to move to a new level of development”.

“By the way, about our service, it is customary to speak only in case of any emergency – “emergency incident” that has received public publicity. The randomness, the predicted threat is the hardest challenge for security personnel. Constant readiness to respond – one of the main professional qualities of employees of the state guard,” says Murov.

In his view, “national security is one of the important conditions and attributes of a strong and stable state power, which ensures reliable functioning political and economic institutions of the Russian society”. The head of the FSO assured: “Today on the way potential and actual threats is a reliable, highly professional state security – the Federal Department that effectively performs the most complex and responsible tasks”.

In addition, Murov has no doubt: “an Employee of the state guard is a profession, embodying the best traditions of Russian special services, sought after and prestigious in contemporary Russia”.