Vice-President of Russian Railways appointed Nikolai Fedoseyev

Vice-President of Russian Railways appointed Nikolai Fedoseyev

Nikolai Fedoseyev, the post of Vice-President of Russian Railways will be in charge of security, said the representative of the Russian Railways.

MOSCOW, Nov 17. Vice-President of Russian Railways appointed Nikolai Fedoseyev, the message train of a monopoly on the basis of the decisions of the Board of Directors.

“Assign Fedoseeva Nikolay Vladimirovich, Vice-President of open joint stock company “Russian Railways”, — said in a release.

Representative of Railways informed that Fedoseyev will oversee this office safety issues. A former Vice-President of Russian Railways corporate safety was Alexander Bobreshov. He left this post he held since 2005, in the middle of September.

The President of the Russian Railways on 20 August he was appointed Oleg Belozerov. Since then the Railways have been several permutations. First Vice-President RZHD Vadim Morozov became the senior Advisor to the President Russian Railways. The position of first Vice-President took Anatoly Krasnoshchek, who previously worked on the post of senior Vice President.

Another senior Vice President of RZD Valery Reshetnikov was dismissed and appointed adviser to the President of the Russian Railways. Senior Vice-President of the Russian Railways was a former Director Globaltrans Sergey Maltsev.

From the posts of Vice-presidents were released, Oleg Atkov, Alexander celko (appointed as Advisor), Alexey Illarionov. Have left their positions, the chief accountant Galina Kraft and senior adviser to the President of Russian Railways Boris Lapidus. New Vice-presidents became Anatoly Chabunin, Gennady Riding and Pavel Ivanov. Belozerov in early November, stated that the personnel changes in companies, and allowed the arrival in the Railways officials and entrepreneurs.