FAS has discharged the first penalty for exceeding the volume of advertising

Moscow. November 18. The Federal Antimonopoly service for the first time fined a TV channel for excess volume of advertising over the volume interrupted her TV show.

The penalty in 100 thousand roubles (the law provides for sanctions in the amount of from 100 to 500 thousand rubles) received TV channel”TV3″, which is included into holding “Gazprom-Media”. The penalty was issued following the results lasted from late August trial.

“TV3” has committed a breach in broadcast advertising during the broadcast of the TV series “the fortune Teller”.

May 25, in Russia came into force amendments to the law “On advertising”, which regulate the permissible volume of advertising compared to the volume of the television. According to the amendments, the ratio is determined based on the methodology developed by the FAS (it provides that the volume of advertising may exceed the volume of the television, which she interrupts, not more than 1.5 dB).