General Electric has accelerated the sale of assets

Moscow. November 18. The financial division of General Electric is selling its assets faster than originally planned, and, in addition to concluded in the year 2015 deals, maybe by year end to separate additionally assets worth up to $25 billion.

“This year we have entered into agreements to sell assets for a total of $128 billion, – said the head of GE Capital Keith sherine in an interview with Bloomberg. – Can be made deals to sell assets in the amount of $15-$20-$25 billion So we are ahead of the plan”.

Previously, GE Capital announced its intention to dispose of assets at a cost of approximately $200 billion, the company expects that this plan will be implemented by the end of 2006. This year, GE Capital expects to sell assets worth $100 billion.

Shereen reported that the company put up for sale another major division in the USA that deals with financing companies. The sale of this business, he said, is “at a preliminary stage”, but it has already expressed an interest different buyers.

The head of GE Capital confirmed that finpokazateli GE intends early next year to contact the regulators with a request for the deprivation of his status as a systemically important financial institution. Negotiations with regulators on this issue are already underway.

The problem of finpokazateli General Electric during the crisis jeopardized the operations of the entire company. Reducing the assets of GE Capital, the company intends to focus on its key industrial operations.