Head FNS has recognized the future tax administration for big data analysis

Moscow. November 18. Tax administration in the world will evolve towards the analysis of big data, said the head of the FTS Mikhail Mishustin, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Forum on tax administration (FTA) the OECD “Electronic services and digital delivery channels” in Moscow.

“The old methods of tax administration in all countries die. The future of effective use of big data and their analysis. It will become the centre of the service strategy for all tax services in the world,” he said.

“Development of electronic interaction determines the future of tax administration. Countries-participants of the forum will extend these capabilities for the convenience of taxpayers,” – said Mishustin.

FNS oversees the FTA project for e-services (Mishustin since last year is the Deputy Chairman of the forum). First Moscow seminar on the FTA was held in July.

In workshop on e-services and digital delivery channels together experts from 18 tax administrations, including Singapore, Germany, UK, Japan, Netherlands, South Africa, China, as well as leading IT companies.

According to the results of the work on the draft of the Federal tax service together with the OECD Secretariat will prepare and present at the plenary meeting of the FTA in may 2016 in Beijing the report about the prospects of using information technologies in the service strategies of tax administrations.