In Australia filed a new class action against Volkswagen

In Australia filed a new class action against Volkswagen

SYDNEY, November 19. /Corr. Pavel Vanichkin/. Law firm Maurice Blackburn filed Thursday in the court of the German Volkswagen group, on behalf of the owners of Australian produced vehicles.

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Volkswagen offered free vouchers for $1 thousand 482 thousand to owners of cars in the U.S.

According to the representatives of the company, filed a class action lawsuit provides for the payment to the owners of Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda in compensation of $10 thousand (approximately us $7.1 million)

In early November, with a similar collective action against German concern was made by another Australian law firm – Law Bannister.

On 9 October, the Australian branch of the giant Volkswagen Australia has announced the recall sold on the continent more than 90 thousand cars, which software is artificially lowers rates of emissions of harmful substances.

Currently, the investigation into the technological machinations of the German group holds an Australian Commission to support competition and consumer protection. According to local media, the outcome of this investigation could also be legal action against Volkswagen.

The investigation into the auto giant also launched in several countries in Europe and Asia. As noted in the press release Volkswagen, the problem of falsifying data environmental tests on the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases of vehicles affected to 11 million cars worldwide.