Medvedev with the leaders of APEC will agree on the final Declaration of the summit

MANILA, November 19. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday will participate in the concluding day of the APEC summit in the Philippines. Its result will be a joint Declaration of the leaders on approaches to development cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

As reported earlier, a source in the Russian delegation, today held two meetings and a working dinner of leaders. “The discussions will focus on issues of deepening regional integration and achieve inclusive development, as well as solutions to demographic and environmental problems,” he said.

“It primarily will focus on developing measures, can be an effective response to such economic challenges as the growing gap in incomes of different groups of countries and segments of the population, disruptions in business activities during natural disasters, the weakening of food security”, – said the Agency interlocutor. Special attention, he said, will be paid to the issues of assisting micro, small and medium enterprises to international markets, promotion of services trade, the stabilization of the financial situation in the region.

In the Russian delegation noted that the Russian Federation intends to increase cooperation with countries in the Asia-Pacific region in the interests of socio-economic development, primarily in Siberia and the Far East. “This is a principled strategic line that does not depend on political situation”, – said the source.

According to him, it is important that the increased Russian involvement in regional Affairs is not less important for the Asia-Pacific region. “A strong Russia is needed to build a powerful and prosperous community, he said. – Our country has made and intends to make a significant contribution to solving pressing regional problems; a clear confirmation of this – the demand in APEC of the Russian proposals on strengthening energy and food security, transport infrastructure development, diversification of supply routes of trade, terrorism and corruption, improve preparedness for emergencies”.

“Following the adoption of the Declaration of the APEC leaders, which will reflect the agreed approaches to the further development of cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region”, – have informed in the Russian delegation.

As expected, the head of the Russian Cabinet will summarize the work in Manila, answering questions of journalists. Then he will complete his visit to the Philippines and will fly to Malaysia, where he will participate in the East Asian summit.