Putin remained is dissatisfied with work of the government on development of small business

Moscow. November 18. Government efforts in development in Russia of small and medium enterprises is still insufficient, according to President Vladimir Putin.

“In many countries the development of small and medium enterprises is given special attention. In most developed economies this sector has a prominent and often a leading place. We efforts, of course, the development of this sector, but they are obviously insufficient”, – Putin said Tuesday at a meeting with the head of recently created Federal Corporation for SME development Alexander Braverman.

“The structure that is created and you are now headed, is designed to intensify this work”, – said the President.

Braverman recalled that in November, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree requiring a large state-owned at least 10% of procurement to be undertaken in the SME sector.

“This market is huge, it is 1.7 trillion rubles a year, it’s those 10% that are allocated to small and medium businesses, and this will no doubt provide a dramatic leap forward for small and medium businesses. The list is generated from 35 companies. There is a classic formula: 20% of companies accounted for 80% by volume of purchases,” he said.

“The second sector is massive. In this sector we begin marketing navigators, where each of the entrepreneurs in the location where there is a demand for a particular product, goods or services (for example, cafes permeability 50 people a day, and he will have to hire four people), will know where to take him food for this cafe, will know where to train staff, and the municipality or the subject of the Russian Federation will assist either the building or the land,” said Braverman.

He added that the Federal Corporation for SME development has signed an agreement with the attorney General’s office that it will support honest entrepreneurs.

“The Prosecutor’s office and so would do, without any agreements. The agreement is useless. The agreement should probably be that they accompanied their additional support”, – said the President.

Federal Corporation for the development of SMEs is formed on the basis of SME Bank (“daughter” VEB) and the Agency of credit guarantees.