The Bank “Baltika” translate assets and liabilities in a friendly Bank “Enisey”

Moscow. November 18. Bank “Baltic” (Moscow), clients who experienced problems in performing some operations, transfers assets and liabilities to a friendly Bank “Yenisei”, writes “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, about the problems with the service in the Bank “Baltika” – with cash withdrawals, purchases with payment cards, making payments on loans – Bank customers write on specialized forums. Borrowers of the Bank received notice of the need to make payments on the loans in the Bank “Yenisei” (Krasnoyarsk). Investors faced difficulties in receiving their funds. After disconnecting from BESP offices of “Baltika” in the regions closed to obtain funds to depositors were asked to come to Moscow – the only working in the office. But to withdraw cash and there was impossible. As reported by the publication in the call center of the Bank, “there is a shortage of cash staff, so the only possible non-cash transactions on previously opened accounts, regardless of currency.” The account holder may apply to the office for registration of transfer at the third-party Bank.

In the call centre said that without a fee to transfer the money in the Bank “Yenisei”, for transfers to accounts in other banks will have to pay the 1% Commission. Why free transfers are possible only in the Bank “Enisey” in a call centre not answered.

Last year banks “Baltic” (from 8.5 billion roubles of funds of individuals) and “Yenisei” (2.3 billion rubles), and H-Bank (not working with means of physical persons) have announced plans to merge, but in the end they failed to materialise. Then in the “Baltic” explained the refusal of the Association of banks changing strategy.

However, according to “Kommersant”, a number of signs that may indicate actual relatedness banks. The “Baltika” and “Yenisei” is very similar to the interfaces of the Internet Bank, the names of deposits and loans and even the music playing in the standby mode on the hotline. The ultimate owners of the Bank “Baltika” are nine individuals. The largest share (20,0014%) belongs to Oleg Vlasov. People with the same name and surname member of the Board of Directors of Bank “Yenisei”, which also owns a group of individuals. In place of a number of closed offices of “Baltika” has opened offices Enisey and loans, according to clients, is transmitted in N-Bank service through the same “Yenisei”. However, intersections among the owners of “Baltika” and “Yenisei”, according to information published on their sites, no.

Experts do not exclude that the actions of “Baltika” may indicate a transfer of assets because of fears of toughening of sanctions of the Central Bank.

Banks “Baltic” and “Yenisei” in the first three quarters of 2015 is the 164th-and 357-th place in terms of assets in ranking “Interfax-100”.