The court ordered “the Messenger” to pay Them a jar of 143 million roubles on account of repayment of advances

Moscow. November 18. The Moscow arbitration court decided to recover from “Connected” in favor of Sviaz Bank 141,8 million roubles on account of repayment of advances by commercial contracts between companies, it follows from the court.

Another 1.4 million rubles, the court decided to impose as a penalty and registration fee. The initial amount of the requirements Svyaznoy Bank was 150, 8 million rubles.

The Bank attempted to recover the advances paid “Them” for the provision of financial intermediation services, among which, including loans, deposits Svyaznoy Bank cards and insurance.

“Between the retailer and a Connected Bank continues to remain contentious issues for mutual benefits. The Bank believes that the retailer paid excessive advances. The retailer, in turn, has to question the Bank on interest payment. Disputes are to what extent and in what terms the parties must make payments to each other”, – said the representative Svyaznoy Maria Zaikina.

The retailer intends to appeal the court’s decision. Zaikin also reminded that the previous lawsuit Svyaznoy Bank to “Them” to recover 58.1 million rubles, the court rejected.

Retailer Svyaznoy and Svyaznoy Bank are included in the group “the Messenger”, which also owns online retailer Enter. As reported, the controlling shareholder of the Svyaznoy group of companies was changed at the end of 2014: North Financial Overseas Corp. (NFOC, included in the group Solvers Oleg Malis) in December bought the group “ONEXIM” Mikhail Prokhorov and NPF “Welfare” rights of claim for the overdue loan of the founder “Coherent” Maxim Nogotkov, secured a 51% stake Trellas (the parent structure of the group “the Messenger”), and then received operational control over the company.

Meanwhile, Svyaznoy Bank shareholders extraordinary meeting on the 9 December will consider its elimination. The Bank faces a license revocation because the value of the adequacy ratio of own funds fell below 2%. The capital adequacy ratio of N1.0, the adequacy of base capital of H1.1 and capital-adequacy N1.2 Svyaznoy Bank as of 30 September amounted to 0.98%.