The court rendered the first decision on bankruptcy of natural persons in the Chelyabinsk region

The court rendered the first decision on bankruptcy of natural persons in the Chelyabinsk region

YEKATERINBURG, November 18. The arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region issued the first in the region the decision on bankruptcy of the physical person – Daria Rastorgueva. As reported on Wednesday, TASS in court, the statement Rastorguev filed independently because of a debt of 14 million rubles for monetary obligations and mandatory payments. This judgment, according to the filing of cases, was one of the first in Russia after the entry into force of the law on bankruptcy of natural persons on 1 October.

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Personal bankruptcy: a month of the law in the courts of the Russian Federation has arrived about 2 thousand applications

“The court decided to admit Rastorguev bankrupt and to impose on it the procedure of realization of property”, – said the Agency interlocutor, adding that is also approved by the financial Manager.

The law on bankruptcy of individuals

October 1, in Russia came into force the law on bankruptcy of physical persons, according to which citizens who are unable to pay banks for loans, can withdraw from the debt burden by declaring bankruptcy.

According to the law, any debtor, irrespective of the amount of the debt, will have the right to apply to the court for recognition of its bankruptcy. To obtain such status, the citizen will have to prove to the court that he is insolvent to the creditor.

To file for bankruptcy, in addition to the citizens themselves, and their creditors, for example, banks or tax service. The main condition – the debt to the lender must be not less than 500 thousand rubles, and overdue more than three months.

Before you declare a person a bankrupt, he may offer to restructure the debt. Also, the debtor and creditor can enter into a settlement agreement. If the person declared bankrupt, the court shall appoint a financial Manager that gets everything right to dispose the debtor’s property.

Through the proceeds from the sale of the property and the bankrupt will pay to creditors. However, he is exempt from paying various fines and penalties that have accrued to him by the creditor for the overdue debt.

The results of the first month of work

Russia’s arbitration courts for the first month of the law on bankruptcy of physical persons received almost 2 thousand of applications on insolvency of citizens, by year end this number could grow to 6 thousand.

This was stated by Vice-President of Association of regional banks of Russia Oleg Ivanov.

“The number of new bankruptcy cases in Russia in October will amount to approximately 8 thousand, every fifth statement, which is about 2 thousand applications have on bankruptcy of citizens. As expected, in the fourth quarter, the courts will receive almost 6 thousand applications for bankruptcy of physical persons”, – said Ivanov.

The arbitrations official figures not yet known. But, according to experts, based on the data of a card file of arbitration cases, the courts in October took from 2 187 to 2 232 statements about personal bankruptcy. According to materials of arbitration, the main flow of statements (476) came to the courts on 1 October.

Bankrupt celebrities

In the first days after the law comes into force, notice of a possible bankruptcy has received quite famous people: founder fruit company JFC Vladimir Kekhman, who also heads the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre and former Senator from the Altai Republic and father of the famous singer Alsou Safin Ralif. In addition to a claim bankrostva received and the former owner of Cherkizovsky market, the head of the group ” AST ” Telman Ismailov.

All these people acted directly or indirectly as guarantors for loans, which took in the banks belonging to their company.

The claim about bankruptcy of Vladimir Kekhman filed a savings Bank. The businessman owes the Bank more than 4.5 billion rubles as loans received the company JFC, bankrupt in 2012.

Bank “Zenith”, owned by oil company Tatneft, filed for bankruptcy on Ralif Safin. His development company “Marr capital” periodically took out a loan at Zenit for the construction of certain properties.

The Bank of Moscow on 9 October filed a claim for recognition bankrupt businessman Telman Ismailov. Company KBF AST belongs to the group ” AST ” Telman Ismailov, owe the Bank $213,3 million

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Up to 70 thousand individuals per year will pass through a bankruptcy

Guarantors for loans and borrowers ordinary

In addition to borrowers with loud names, to turn to bankruptcy were guarantors of corporate loans and smaller companies. The nationals scored in different banks on several consumer loans or apply for five or six credit cards, while not cause the financial interest to begin to bankrupt them.

Most claims on the bankruptcy of the debtors has prepared the state-owned banks. As told in the press service of the savings Bank, in October the Bank submitted to the courts of more than 140 statements of citizens totaling over 17 billion rubles. They were mostly bankruptcy of guarantors for loans to legal entities, the Bank noted.

Borrowers also began to prepare for bankruptcy. As told in the press service of the Bank VTB24, in October the Bank had information about 71 the debtor who benefited from the new law, and in October filed for bankruptcy. The borrowers of different regions of the country, each of which has multiple loan obligations, on the average on 2 – 3 credits (mainly cash loans and credit cards with a relatively small amount of debt), the Bank said, noting that the debtors ‘ mortgage obligations, including currency, is not among them.

In turn, the Bank “URALSIB” has informed that ten of his sureties corporate loans has filed for bankruptcy. Their total debt to the Bank is 540 million rubles.