The growth of the industry in the Voronezh region in 2016 is expected at 3%

The growth of the industry in the Voronezh region in 2016 is expected at 3%

According to the forecast will be actively developing the food industry, where growth in 2016 will amount to 4%, including at the expense of new enterprises.

VORONEZH, 18 Nov. Authorities in Voronezh region expect in 2016 the growth of the industry in the region at the level of 3%, which exceeds the average figures, according to the regional government.

In the Voronezh region in the first nine months 2015 the volume of industrial production increased by 3%, volume of investments — 10%. The unemployment rate is at its historical low of 1%. In 2015 the gross regional product Voronezh region, according to preliminary estimates, rising 0.6% in comparable terms. The forecast for socio-economic development of the region for 2016 — 2018 was told at the meeting of the regional government on Wednesday, the head of the Department of economic development Anatoly Bukreyev.

“According to the forecast of the growth of the industry in 2016 in the region up to 103% (100.6%)… expect Good momentum in high-tech and innovative sectors of the economy and primarily in the production of electronic equipment: projected in 2016 the increase will be about 5%”, — stated in the message. In particular, the dynamic development of the production program of JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie”. In 2016 it is also expected to start work Novovoronezh NPP-2.

Will actively develop food processing industry, where growth in 2016 will amount to 4%, including through such new businesses as production of cheese in the Roll, confectionary “KDV Voronezh” in Ramonsky district, enterprises for the production of concentrated feed OJSC “Cherkizovo” in Semiluksky district. Through the implementation of large-scale livestock projects are expected to increase meat production.

For attracting investors it is planned to organize in the Maslovsky industrial Park special economic zone of Federal importance. “Further development will be given to projects in animal husbandry for the development of the dairy cluster, in poultry and beef farming. State support will remain at a high level”, — said the regional government.

The rate of growth of the gross regional product in 2016 is estimated to be almost 2%, which exceeds the national level by 1.2%. In 2017-2018 is projected to reach 3-4 percent rate of growth in the economy.

“Achieving projected growth rates of GRP will allow the region in 2016 to maintain its position among the most dynamic regions. Overall, the forecast from 2016 to 2018 foresees continued economic growth in the region”, — stated in the message. The average annual growth rate of the economy in the years 2016-2018 will be 2.5-3%, “significantly higher” than the Russian average (3% against 1.7%).

In 2016 also is expected to increase real incomes and retail turnover by 1.2%. The basis for the growth of incomes of the population in the authorities referred to the development of industrial and agricultural production.