The Ministry of Finance does not exclude the meeting with the Ukrainian side on the settlement of debt owed to the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, November 18. Russia’s Finance Ministry does not exclude a meeting with Ukrainian colleagues on the issue of restructuring the debt of Ukraine to Russia, told journalists the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

“I do not exclude. No dates yet, but if our proposal will be welcomed by the IMF, the key shareholders, Ukraine is definitely going to meet with Ukrainian colleagues”, – he said.

Siluanov said that the Russian side submitted its proposals to the IMF, because “the IMF forms the programme of assistance, since we are talking about restructuring, additional funding should be resolved through the program and through the Fund’s shareholders”.
“The Finance Ministry discussed this issue with key shareholders of the Fund and submitted proposals to the IMF. They said they will discuss”, – said the Minister.

Answering the question of whether installed a coupon for the amount of the debt, which Russia offers Ukraine to repay in installments over 3 years, the Minister replied that “it is a negotiation issue.”