American Bank first allowed the use of debit cards in Cuba

HAVANA, November 19. /Corr. Igor Pokutny/. U.S. Bank Stonegate for the first time allowed U.S. citizens to use debit cards in Cuba. This was reported coming to Miami Spanish-language edition of the “Nuevo Herald”.

Stonegate Bank announced that Americans will be able to use MasterCard debit card in hotels, restaurants and other places of the island.

In January of this year, MasterCard and American Express informed that will allow the use in Cuba credit cards issued in the United States.

The use of plastic cards in Cuba became part of easing of the American embargo, which President Barack Obama took immediately after the start of rapprochement between the two countries on 17 December last year.

“This is another step aimed at helping Americans travel, they must carry all the cash you need, when you go to Cuba, and another step towards the normalization of trade relations between the two countries”, – said the President of the Bank Stonegate Dave Seleski.

At the same time before you get debit card, Americans must prove that they were heading to Cuba with one of the permitted purposes, which include family visits, professional research and journalistic activities. Tourism on the island in its purest form is still prohibited by law.

Stonegate, a small Bank with headquarters in Pompano beach (Florida), became at the forefront of the process of rapprochement between the United States and Cuba after the first suggested Bank account of the Cuban Consulate in Washington and signed an agreement on the implementation of financial transactions with the island.