Dvorkovich refused to guarantee the reduction of duties on oil in 2017

Moscow. November 19. Tax policy should be predictable, told reporters Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

“Safeguards by today’s standards, no one can give. But we believe that tax policy should be predictable. The stability of budget revenues is the result of the maintain production, than increasing the rates of duties”, – he said.

As reported, in the framework of the “tax maneuver” in 2016, the export duty on oil would be reduced from 42% to 36%. However, the government took the decision to freeze fees 42% at one year. It is assumed that from 2017 the export duty will be 30%.

The forum ENES Dvorkovich also said that Russia has a plan to ensure the stabilization of oil production. According to him, the stabilization of oil production at the current level is one of the priorities of energy policy of the country. To ensure the state should continue the program of providing tax incentives to oil and gas companies.