Income taxes in the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation increased by 11%

Moscow. November 20. Tax revenues of the consolidated budget of the Russian Federation in January-October 2015 amounted to 11.7 trillion rubles, which is 11% higher than the same period in 2014, reported the press service of the Federal tax service (FTS).

In the Federal budget of the Russian Federation for ten months of the current year came to 5.9 trillion rubles in taxes, revenue rose against the same period last year by 16%.

The growth was driven mainly by the increase in income tax on profits at 15% and VAT – 18% (up to 2,139 trillion rubles). Receipt of the severance tax increased by 11.7%.

Positive impact on the dynamics of tax revenues, noted in the FTS, had an increase in tax rates, including in the framework of the tax maneuver, as well as some macroeconomic factors – inflation and the weakening of the ruble. Negative influence on dynamics of income was helped by falling oil prices, reduction of production and trade. Together legislative and macroeconomic factors provided 70% of the increase in tax revenue in ten months. About one-third of the increase, according to FTS, has been secured by the tax administration, including by improving the efficiency of the control work.

Selected macroeconomic factors and simultaneously caused to increase, and to decrease income taxes. In particular, the growth of inflation, on the one hand, increased VAT receipts due to the growth of prices, on the other, to their decline by reducing demand and falling trade turnover by 9%. In General, according to FTS, the increase in VAT receipts due to the macroeconomic factors amounted to about 120 billion roubles.

In addition, the revenue growth from this tax due to a change in the filing deadlines from 20 to 25 and the corresponding transfer of the VAT refund from the first to the second month within the quarter.

The third, or 100 billion increase in VAT, have been provided due to the implementation of the ASC “VAT-2” (software complex, allowing to centrally compare functional data of contractors and to identify tax breaks), believe in the tax office.

Quarterly ASC “VAT-2” is processed 1.4 million tax returns. The results of comparing the operations of contractors on tax breaks are formed with the requirement of providing explanations and automatic mode are sent to the taxpayers, said in the NRF. The taxpayer’s opportunity to make the changes and submit the amended tax return. The need for full inspections appears only after establishing unfair to taxpayers who do not fulfill their tax obligations.

According to the tax authorities, within 9 months of applying ASC “VAT-2” the taxpayers of adjusted tax declarations, reducing the amount claimed for the refund of tax amounts to 80 billion rubles.